The Westerly Sun review, 1.10.2015




The author opens up a door to the past and reveals not only some fun stories about her ancestors, but a story about tracking down her roots. I highly recommend this book for those interested in learning about early American culture as well as people interested in researching their own ancestors. Katherine is intelligent and presents a colorful and sometimes humorous story. Give it a read!   EMILY M. LEE



I was delighted to read this book. It brought the history of New England to life for me. Having been born in Rhode Island, growing up in Connecticut and having lived in New York and Boston, I felt as if it were my family story. Our ancestors were such hard working and strong people, making possible our good health and comfortable homes today. This was a book that I devoured completely in one reading. Thank you for writing it Katherine Dimancescu. Best wishes for your continued success.   BARBARA CONNOLLY


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